Our Canteen holds up to 35 people and ideal for smaller functions including children"s parties.

The room is rectangular and has ample room for small gathering. We also use this room for meetings as it is hidden away round the back of the building so people are rarely disturbed.

We use the room weekdays up until 3pm, but after that its generally available for hire. The room is clean and comes with chairs and tables for approximately 20 people.

Hire cost for the Canteen is £20 per hour.

Pricing for the Dining Room is based on the time and nature of the event.

Function Price


Peak Rate


Off-Peak Rate


Overall room size 7.2m by 11m.

N.B. Peak rate is after 5pm Monday to Friday, all other times are Off-Peak except for all Functions which are charged at £30 per hour.

At the end of your evening please place your rubbish in black bags and staff will explain where our bins are - we do not expect you to take you rubbish home!

Customers are reminded that :

  • As licensed premises your guests cannot bring in alcohol in any form.
  • Any alcohol found will be confiscated - to be collected the next day by an adult.
  • We operate a strict "No ID - No alcohol" policy. If you are younger than 25 we may ask you to prove your age - so please bring identification (passport, driving license photocard etc).
  • We will refuse to serve anybody who arrives at a function who is already intoxicated or cannot provide ID when challenged
  • Our staff are here to help you have a good time - please treat them as you would choose to be treated yourself 🙂
  • Bar facilities can only be offered for functions of duration 4 hours and over
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